Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to become a model? Any background?

No you don’t. Some of the world’s biggest modelling hits were spotted literally at a cafe. However, you do need an awareness and some natural flair in confidently exposing yourself to the lenses. Additionally, we require you to attend a trial shoot with us. Bring along five different, versatile outfits to display your talent: Classy, Sleek & Smart, Swimwear, Smart / Casual, Plain, Professional.

What could be the age range for models? Can I apply at any age?

Because of the nature of the business we are in, we don’t accept under 18s. Above that age, we are open to anything, as long as you meet some themes of the industry.

But what if I’m over 40?

It depends on the themes and certain needs of the industry at that time. In theory, models could be of any age. But, as we said, it’s all about who needs what at a certain time.

What is my commission rate?

Commission of a 30% percentage is what we offer. Still, this depends on your age and experience. It makes sense for an experienced model to get some more, doesn’t it?

How often can I expect work?

The industry is world-renowned for its multidimensional needs. Therefore, we just can’t guarantee that you will be a full-time model. But, we will make sure we keep you busy with as many projects as possible.

What happens after I’m registered with your agency?

We will help you to become a professional model, and put you in contact with industry-related people. We will continue to offer support until you have signed on to an agency.

Do I have to pay to join the agency?

To join our agency, you will have to pay a fee of £ ___

How tall do I need to be to become a model?

No specific heights. Being a model is more about beauty and talent than, strictly, dimensions. Although taller people tend to be more success-oriented in the industry, it all depends on the eye of the beholder.

Is it a problem that you can see my tattoos?

No, not at all. Tattoos could be your added value in modeling. However, we stress the importance of tattoos being inoffensive and neutral

Are you legitimate and legal?

Yes we are. We are a member of The British Fashion Model Agents Association. What’s that? It’s the trade Association of the UK’s model industry. Founded in 1974, its aim is to protect and manage the careers of the models in the UK.


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