Music Videos

Dance Baby, Dance!

Arguably one of the most popular marketing tools to promote a song or the latest top-hit, a music video is the springboard from which a model’s career skyrockets. And Glamouricious models have a lot to offer. Roles vary within such a mini video, but the potential is huge.

Do you remember those MTV 80s hits that rocked the world with music, flying glossy dancers and lots of models? These videos never lost their nerve, and they keep inspiring and promoting hits. And one of these backstage models could be one of ours at Glamouricious.

If you’re an artist of director looking for models to create an alluring backstage scene for a new music video, Glamouricious has it all.

Our models are success-oriented and aware of their chance to shine; they will perform their role extraordinarily well.

Although music videos have multi-dimensional production techniques (live action, documentary, animation, narration and non-narrative recordings, abstract films, etc.), Glamouricious models are trained and aware of these techniques.

And while some feature only simple song lyrics and others are more thematic, our models will display the same professional attitude and performance, whatever the demands of the production.


Glamouricious is the perfect agency for you. We have many contacts within the industry to best suit your dream career. All of our shoots are kept classy and professional, resulting in some amazing collections. Get in touch with us today.


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