Tatto Shows

We Love Ink

Since 2005, when the first tattoo convention took place in the UK, tattoo shows have been expressing more and more people in this niche market.

At Glamouricious, we have contacts in many industries; and for us, tattoos are a winner. We really want to showcase your skin mosaic while capturing your beauty.

Tattoo shows (mostly on TV) are the ideal place for tattoo lovers, and what a better place for an inked model, or a prospective one in this unique industry, to shine. But, in this niche market, finding an inked charming beauty isn’t always plain sailing.

Tradition has dictated by now that tattoos are social taboos. It’s been more tempting to avoid than embrace them. At Glamouricious, however, we fall for the idea that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, and tattoos are only a different way of expressing individual creativity.

In their deepest concept, tattoos express someone’s inner world. An artistic and creative mind. And this expression could be incredibly empowering. For this reason, Glamouricious finds tattoos as attractive and as sexy as any other fashion voice.

Together, we will make a memorable presence on either TV tattoo shows or exhibition-style conventions, to project to audiences how imposing that mountain eagle on your bicep really is.


Glamouricious is the perfect agency for you. We have many contacts within the industry to best suit your dream career. All of our shoots are kept classy and professional, resulting in some amazing collections. Get in touch with us today.


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