life in TV takes centre stage

Gaining exposure to TV series and the life of studios, attracts people ever since the first black-and-white goggle boxes took centre stage in our living rooms back in the 70s.

Thousands of models flood in for a chance to show off fashion designs, clothing adventures, skin-advancing cosmetics, TV sales and so forth. Producers and star presenters alike are more and more embracing the idea of models on stage.

Glamouricious provides comprehensive training to their models, making them able to fill in a studio setting packed with stars and presenters, sales people and the rest of the TV entourage.

Our models display an utterly professional attitude and have attracted, over the last few years, positive comments from producers and key-stage characters.

For aspiring models, would-be stars and new faces, a TV exposure is the ultimate bet these days. The entire spectrum of audiences agree that TV exposure is the fastest route to publicity.

At Glamouricious, our models have all the skills and professionalism to perform in TV studios. We can allocate all sorts of TV jobs to our models, and are sure they will live up to the expectations.


Glamouricious is the perfect agency for you. We have many contacts within the industry to best suit your dream career. All of our shoots are kept classy and professional, resulting in some amazing collections. Get in touch with us today.


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